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Can Anyone Sing? Do You Have To Be Born With Talent?

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Voice Lessons with Madeleine Harvey

*** Can anyone sing? Do you have to born with talent ***

I wanted to take a minute today, and talk about one of the most popular questions I get in my lessons. And that is, “Do you have to be born with talent? Or can anyone sing?”

To be honest with you, I’ve never liked this question, and I’ll tell you why. For most people, it tends to reinforce the popular belief that there is some element involved that is beyond your control. As if you are either born with some magical ability…or not. And for many people, this is all that they can see. That there is some group over here of insanely talented people, and they are over there. So that space between is all they can see. Many people end up giving up before they really get started. They may not believe that they are not over here with the talented people, so why bother. But don’t be intimidated by that space.

Try not to get ability confused with hard work, and dedication. Remember, everyone starts somewhere. There was a time that even the best singers today sounded very different when they were just starting out. Unfortunately, I am also willing to bet that every successful person in the entertainment industry has been told somewhere, sometime that they just don’t have talent. That is a painful truth in this business. The difference between people who are successful, and those they simply decide to do something else is commitment. People who succeed in this business are not willing to give up their dream. They use this feedback as a stepping-stone to get from here, to there. All they knew is that they loved to sing. And that love kept them improving.

So if you’re feeling like you may not be over in the talented group. Try not to see that space in between. First of all, acknowledge the simple fact that when you see someone who has a truckload of “talent.” What you are noticing is that you have excellent taste! This is your preference calling to you. What you are actually seeing is your potential being reflected to you from another person. Otherwise, they would not get your attention at all. So don’t fault yourself for not being the ultimate expression of all you can be right now. This gap is where growth happens.

Dig a little deeper. Ask yourself, “What is it that I love about singing?” “Does it make me happy?” “Does it make me feel alive?” “Does it bring me joy?” Well then, singing is for you! The truth about love is, when you love something, you want to explore it, spend time with it, and master it. It feels good, like you’re being your most authentic self.

Remember, if you can talk, you can sing. What makes a great singer is not the ability they were born with. Natural ability is only going to get you so far. I would say, every successful singer today, have a combination of these 3 traits.

1. Passion! Instead of using the word talent, lets use a different word. Passion! Your passion, and desire to communicate is the #1 thing you will need to be the singer you’ve always wanted. It is the wind in your sails! It’s going to keep you exploring new possibilities, stretching your potential.

2. The ability to bond with the audience. In my opinion, this is the most desirable trait an entertainer can have. It’s the reason why I love the artists I do. They pull me in; make me feel like I’m apart of the story. And I love them for it!

3. The love of learning. When it comes to singing, there is always something new to explore. A new feeling to express, a new note to hit, a new artistic style to master. You, as the singer are always evolving, and so is your voice. It is an athletic process that works with tiny little muscle coordination’s. So stay in shape, and continue to push yourself past your limits.

Before you go today, I want you to think about something… If your voice were as free as you’ve always wanted it to be. What would that feel like? What would you do? Who would you be? If you can imagine it, you have the potential to live it. Passion is contagious! So keep exploring yours, and make it real! You can do it!

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