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Facebook Sign Up – How To Sign Up For Facebook

On today’s video we are going to talk about a Facebook Sign Up – How exactly do you sign up for Facebook? It couldn’t be any simpler. All you do is go to Facebook.com and fill out the form that you see on the main Facebook Page.

Before I first signed up for Facebook I had no idea what all the hoopla was about. I’d go to this page on Facebook and obviously see nothing and wonder, OK, what the heck am I supposed to do with this? Well, it all changes when you are a member of Facebook.

So, here’s what you do to sign up. We are on Facebook.com and you can see this form to the right of the page. You fill in all the information, first name, last name and give a mobile phone or email number, re enter that info, pick a password, put in your birthday and make sure you use a correct birthday because as the help box says here, you want to get the right Facebook experience for your age.

If you are a male 45 or 55 that likes country music, you don’t want to be getting information and ads that are geared towards high school kids and rap music. So that birthdate is important.

Next, pick your gender male or female and hit the Facebook sign up button and you get an account instantly. One of the first things you want to do after Facebook asks what some of your interests are (you can always change them later) is to upload a profile picture.

That’s important because if old friends come across your profile and you have nothing there, they won’t know if they’ve found a long lost high school buddy or just someone they could care less to know.

Once you get all signed up for Facebook, your Facebook login page will go from looking like this, to looking like this where you can upload photos, see what your friends are up to and then you will have a regular timeline that looks like this to see what’s going on in the Facebook world.

We will cover how to find friends on Facebook and upload photos in another video. But that’s how to do a Facebook sign up. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t already, please click the Subscribe button below this video to be notified when we upload new videos.

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