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Get Ready To Dance And Sing In Spanish – Traigan Sus Pies – Calico Spanish Songs For Kids

Copyright 2013. Kids Immersion, LLC.

This song is a great way to practice some action verbs while highlighting various body parts in Spanish. Get your students up and moving as you sing along.

Calico Spanish offers a comprehensive, kid-friendly curriculum that engages all types of learners with our multi-sensory design. Our program provides students with a wealth of comprehensible input and scaffolded lesson plans that build on the most cutting-edge foreign language education technology. We combine teacher-student interaction with differentiated lesson elements, unique music and stunning visuals to create a learning experience that students retain easily.

Find out more about how your students can benefit from the Calico Spanish program today! Learn more at or buy the music on iTunes:

Calico Spanish: See More Smiles. Hear More Spanish.

Spanish Lyrics:
Traigan sus orejas que vamos a escuchar.
A todos los niños les gusta escuchar.
¡Yo escucho, yo escucho, yo escucho sin parar! (2X)
Traigan sus bocas que vamos a cantar.
A todos los niños les gusta cantar.
¡Yo canto, yo canto, yo canto sin parar! (2X)
Traigan sus manos que vamos a aplaudir.
A todos los niños les gusta aplaudir.
¡Yo aplaudo, yo aplaudo, yo aplaudo sin parar! (2X)
Traigan sus pies que vamos a jugar.
A todos los niños les gusta jugar.
¡Yo juego, yo juego, yo juego sin parar! (2X)
Traigan sus cuerpos que vamos a bailar.
A todos los niños les gusta bailar.
¡Yo bailo, yo bailo, yo bailo sin parar! (2X)
Traigan sus ojos que vamos a mirar.
A todos los niños les gusta mirar.
¡Yo miro, yo miro, yo miro sin parar! (2X)

English Translation:
Bring your ears as we’re going to listen.
All children like to listen.
I listen, I listen, I listen without stopping! (2X)
Bring your mouths as we’re going to sing.
All children like to sing.
I sing, I sing, I sing without stopping! (2X)
Bring your hands as we’re going to clap.
All children like to clap.
I clap, I clap, I clap without stopping! (2X)
Bring your feet as we’re going to play.
All children like to play.
I play, I play, I play without stopping! (2X)
Bring your bodies as we’re going to dance.
All children like to dance.
I dance, I dance, I dance without stopping! (2X)
Bring your eyes as we’re going to look.
All children like to look.
I look, I look, I look without stopping! (2X)

Calico Spanish: Celebrate communication. Promote proficiency. Love learning.

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