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How To Play And Sing’ Makee Ailana’ On Ukulele ( Easy Hawaiian Ukulele Song )

Hawaiian Ukulele Tutorial and hula songs
How to sing and play ukulele at the same time
ukulele tricks and techniques
Hi, it’s Harry Koizumi here,
( Guitar and Ukulele teacher )
Study and learn a easy Hawaiian song on ukulele.
We are learning an old song today. If you want to hear this song be sure to see the Makee ‘Ailana (Performed) show.

Download the TAB;

Makee Island was located at the present site of the Honolulu Zoo’s flamingo pond. This island was named for the sea Captain James Makee (1812-1879). It was off the shore of Kapiʻolani Park, where a fresh water stream flowed into the ocean. There was a bridge across this stream and lilies in the water.

Makee ʻAilana – by James K. I`i

Makee ʻailana ke aloha lā
ʻĀina i ka ʻehuʻehu o ke kai

ʻElua ʻekolu nō mākou
I ka ʻailana māhiehie

Ka leo o ka wai kaʻu aloha
I ka ʻî mai ē anu kāua

Inā ʻo you me mī nei
Noho ʻoe i ka noho paipai

Haʻina ʻia mai ana ka puana
Makee ʻAilana huʻe ka manaʻo

I love Makee island
Land freshened by the sea spray

There were two or three couples with us
On this charming island

I love the sound of the water
When it speaks, we two are chilled

I wish you were here with me
Sitting in the rocking chair

The story is told of
Makee ʻAilana, with its fond memories

My ukulele was built by Nathan Ching AKA “Guitarsmith” Check out his Facebook page.

John Pearse Strings!

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