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HOW To ‘SING’ And ‘PLAY’ GUITAR At ‘SAME TIME’in FOUR Easy STEPS (beginners)

Hey this is lucky ram and i make videos every friday ranging different categories. Sorry about the lip syncing problems and i am not an expert guitarist.However follow these steps below.
You will need- piece of paper,guitar,recorder(optional),pen,metronome(optional)

How to sing and play guitar
Step 1- Choose your song. Select the appropriate strum for your song depending on the time signature.Since most songs are 4/4 based. Select the right strum for your song so it will sound catchy and be liked by the audience.

Step 2- Take a piece of paper. Write your strum,lyrics and chords. This is in case you are not able to get the strumming properly keep looking at the sheet where you wrote your strum practise it.

Step 3- Make an instrument of the song with your recorder initially and sing along with it.Take baby steps by singing 4 words at a time and merge with your guitar by counting and adding the lyrics with your fingers. Make the pace slow initially with a metronome which is optional,then increase it.

Step 4- Try learning one stanza to avoid stress or half at the max. Use a recorder to record the way you play and delete it just to keep track and perfection.

Practice makes perfect. You will be able to play and sing.If you cant maybe you have not practised or chosen the right strum pattern.By one week or less you can achieve this.
Please subscribe for more videos every friday. Glad to help 🙂

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