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How To Sing In Tune: Learn With ‘Tune It Up!’: An Ear Training And In-Tune Singing Course

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How to Sing In Tune: Learn to Sing In Tune with”Tune It Up!”: An Ear Training and In-Tune Singing Course. (Train Your Ears and Voice to Sing In-Tune).

Welcome to “Tune It Up!” a singing and listening curriculum designed to teach your ears to listen “In-Tune” and your voice to sing “In-Tune.” This course offers a carefully planned sequence of musical exercises and songs designed to “tune- up” both your ears and voice.

The cornerstone to singing “in-tune” is the ability to “match pitch” (i.e. the ability to hear a note and recreate it with your own voice). This series is for the absolute beginner, for the “tone deaf”, for anyone who may have trouble with pitch when singing, or for those who wish to improve their pitch when singing without any accompaniment.

In the lessons you will learn how to train your ears to listen “in-tune” and your voice to sing “in-tune” through the use of vocal exercises, listening exercises, and songs, centered around the professionally-recognized ear and voice Kodaly concept of solfeggio (solfege or solfa), You will also learn the basics of music theory including: rhythm, reading music on a staff, key signatures, note names, and musical signs and symbols.

Just follow the videos in order, and with consistent daily practice, your listening (ear) skills and your singing (voice) skills will improve!

Visit: to take the complete course.
Introductory “Tune It Up Course” available at

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