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How To Sing Like An Angel And Create Beautiful Vocal Tones

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One of the more challenging tasks of becoming a singer is creating beautiful vocal tones while singing. This is a work in progress and any “singer” who says that he has his tonal work figured out is probably not the best model for a beginning singer.

The first step in creating beautiful vocal sounds is by exploring your voice’s unique tonal qualities. Here are three steps that will reveal to you the actual tonal quality of your singing voice:

The last step to producing angelic vocal tones is knowing how to position your voice box or larynx for optimal tone. Yes, believe it or not, it can be done!

The larynx or voice box is made of flexible, cartilaginous tissue that vibrates to create the sound that you hear when you sing or talk. This amazing organ is capable of producing hundreds of different sounds. You only have to know how to produce the sound yourself, and the voice box will be responsible for generating the sound that you want to hear.

The voice box works better if it generates sound from a low position on your throat. How will you do that? Should you push it down with your finger? Definitely not, as this might cause physical damage to your voice box.

Instead of touching your voice box, I want you to smell the air as if you smelled the most delicious food in the world. Why? Because when a person smells this way, even the throat muscles respond, and the movement automatically lowers the position of the larynx. At this position the larynx is ready to produce a wider range of tones, from low bass to high soprano.

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