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How To Sing Like Pro With VocalizeU! Learn To Sing Good NOW!

How to sing like pro with VocalizeU! Learn to sing good NOW!

Check out our other video to see how to sing better.

Our how to sing like a pro training program provides world-class vocal and musical education that is unparalleled. With the VocalizeU how to sing like a pro program, each warm-up, lesson, and evaluation is personalized. The customizability of our vocal program caters to a singer’s individual needs, allowing them to work on areas of their voice at their own pace.

Our patented vocal evaluation technology helps singers determine areas of their voice that need growth, how to sing better, then directs them to customized vocal exercises and workouts. Progress can be tracked over time, as VocalizeU guides each individual to appropriate workout modules. 

Never before has learning how to sing good has been so easy and fun! Beginners will learn how to sing and professionals will have all the tools they need to stay at the top of their game. Your Vocal Studio is your Home Page where you can access all your workouts, tools, videos and more!

STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE AND LEARN HOW TO PERFECT YOUR PITCH. The VocalizeU pitch training program helps you to sing on pitch. It trains you to identify pitches and also helps singers learn to hear and sing intervals and harmonies.

PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN. Vocal warm-ups are user controlled, giving you exactly the right warm-up for your voice. It allows you to choose scale pattern, range, speed, and vowel sound. The warmup will get teach you how to sing like a pro in no time.

RECORD YOUR SONGS AND SEND THEM TO FRIENDS AND TEACHERS. The recorder is a tool that allows you to record, playback, and export your recorded files. The recorder also allows you to upload karaoke tracks, shift them into the right key for your voice and then you can send them out to all your friends and voice teachers!

HELPFUL TRAINING & TUTORIAL VIDEOS. The VocalizeU video library is filled with ‘how to sing good’ videos from some of the world’s most respected vocal experts. They are both fun & informative; teaching you about vocal technique, health, & performance. It is also a place to record, store, & export your own singing videos.

USE VOCALIZEU TO INCREASE VOCAL STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, RANGE, CONTROL, TONE AND POWER The vocal journal stores the recordings from your warm-ups, work-outs, & evaluations. It also keeps track of your written evaluations & allows you to track your progress by adding notes & comments to these recordings.

VocalizeU sing like a pro program is not a boring sing-along on DVD’s, this is a real program for your computer that will show you how to sing better.

We have created a one of kind interactive vocal program for you. We will analysis your voice, test your vocal range, teach you how to improve, practice with you and record your progress.

• Fully Customized Vocal Evaluations
• Personalized Assigned Vocal Workouts Specific to Your Voice
• Access to ViP Vocal Experts
• Polyphonic Keyboard and Metronome
• Video Recorder and Export
• Pitch and Harmony Training Program
• Proven Vocal Technique used by Celebrities and Top Artists

You can grab your download here:

Thanks for checking out this how to sing better with VocalizeU video.

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