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How To Sing Seven Notes | Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni| Alankar Part – 1| Latest Music Class Online 2016

Learn to sing | how to sing seven notes | Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni | Alankar | Latest Music Class Online 2016
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This channel is about indian music, specially indian classical music along with the learning of bollywood songs, thumri, dadra, ghazals, tarana, and all other singing styles which are the real heritage of our country, in this video the basics of the music are introduced to the viewers, which are alankars.we also call them paltas.in this video we try to convey our learning about seven notes.sa re ga ma pa dha ni looks very easy and simple, yes it is but accurate swar lagaav is must.because indian classical music has a rich tradition of bhaav gayaki..bhaav means expression.if there is no expression in singing no body would attract.

basically in music seven notes are used which are sa re ga ma pa dha ni. these swaras name are the back bone of indian music.with these swaras we can make so many alankars.for the beginners these exercises are like golden key which open the lock of success.

alankaras have two parts which are aroh – avroh, sometimes we pronounce ti arohi and avrohi.these alankars is must for ryaaz by the learners.ryaaz is a term we use for practice.aroh avroh are terms come from the symbols like postive negative. like up and down, morning and evening.
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Learn to sing | how to sing seven notes | Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni | Alankar | Latest Music Class Online 2016
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