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Singing-How To Sing Better In 5 Steps


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In this video I will walk you through the 5 steps to improve your vocal performance and I will prove to you why anybody can sing better.
My name is Lorna Earnshaw and I am a singer and vocal coach. I already helped to sing better more than 55,000 people through the Internet and more than 300 students in my private vocal lessons.
A lot of people think that you have to be born with a natural talent in order to sing well. That is not true! Everybody can improve their singing!
You might ask me about geniuses like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston and why they sung so well without taking lessons…
Well, there are geniuses in every area of expertise! But I can promise you that most of your favorite artists have improved their skills through the practice of vocal technique!
Thinking that you can sing difficult songs without working on your vocal technique is like believing that you can participate of a marathon even if you never run in a daily basis!
You need to understand how your voice works and you need to strengthen the right muscles involved in phonation.
I am not one of those geniuses that were born singing perfectly, I had to take a lot of lessons because I sucked! But all of that helped me to be a better teacher for you guys. Because I have been there. I know how this feels like!
The thing is that if we are not aware of how our body works, and of what is the right way to use our voice so we end up believing that we suffer a natural limitation. But when you start to understand how your voice works and you practice the right way you start singing better! It’s like magic and I’ve seen it hundreds of times with my students!
.And that process is supposed to be fun. I know that we all have to deal with our own insecurities. You might feel frustrated sometimes. Every artist has suffered from self confidence issues at some point of their lives. We all have! If you are felling insecure, you are not alone! But the more you understand how this works, you will feel more confident! That’s why here are the 5 steps to improve your singing!
step 1: Relaxation
Relax neck, shoulders and back. If there is tension the larynx and the vocal folds get tight.The vocal chord won’t vibrate when the air blows through them and you will find an extra resistance for singing! It’s like trying to open a door with someone blocking it on the other side! You need to get rid of the tension before singing! That is why you need a routine with stretching exercises!
Have fun! Being worried or having negative thoughts will affect your singing!
STEP 2: Articulators
Improve your diction and strengthen your lips, cheeks and tongue.
If you master the changes on your articulators you will be able to modify your the characteristics of your voice by moving your tongue, lips and the internal muscles of your mouth!
STEP 3 Breathing:
1)It is the foundation of the vocal technique. If you are not breathing correctly you might have problems with pitch, high notes and vocal fadigue. If you’re not breathing correctly, and you keep on burning out your voice you might end up with a vocal disease!
STEP 4: Resonators:
This is how we amplify our voice. It Has to do with the placement and the registers. Do you feel like your voice lacks power? Do you have problems to keep your sound even when singing high and low notes? Then you need to learn to improve the use of your resonators! These are our natural speakers. We need to learn how to conduct the sound waves into them. Singing without using them is like screaming into the microphone when you forgot to plug the cable into an amp or speaker!
Do you have problems with your pitch?This is why:
vocal technique issues: If you don’t have a good breathing support, you won’t be able to reach high notes, since they require more air pressure. If you don’t know how to work with your resonance, it will be very hard to sing on pitch. What I mean by that is that maybe you are not singing on pitch because you need to learn vocal technique, not because you are incapable of singing better!
The second cause for the pitch problems is the lack of ear training. Maybe you don’t even realize that you are singing out of tune. Pitch differences can be very subtle and hard to recognize by those who have not received a specific Ear Training. These five steps will help you to feel free while you are singing! Always remember: You don’t have to be the best. You just have to be yourself!

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