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SOLFEGE Frere Jacques – Brother John, In The Do_C Major Scale. SIGHT-SINGING & TRANSPOSITION

Livianu 32 Lessons at GooglePlay Store URL:

Questions? [email protected]
Learning Music Starts with Singing and Dedicated Practice Makes Perfect

Each of the 32 lessons is about 60 minutes long and has the following structure:

7 parts in each lesson; each part is further divided into 2 parts: a. THEORY & b. EAR-TRAINING EXERCISES.

If you want to learn Music Theory then go only to 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, & 7a;
Conversely if you want to practice the Ear-training Exercises, then go to 1b, 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6b, & 7b. The 7 Music Theory parts are identical in all 32 lessons; only the 7 Ear-training exercises are different in each lesson, because they are transposed in a different key.

The 32 lessons are paired in 2 keys, the Major & the minor relative scales.

Lesson 1. Do_C Major, with names of notes written underneath for beginners.
Lesson 2. la_a minor, with names of notes written underneath for beginners.

Lesson 3. Sol_G Major, 1 #, sharp.
Lesson 4. mi_e minor, 1 #, sharp.

Lesson 5. Re_D Major, 2 #s, sharps.
Lesson 6. si_b minor, 2 sharps.

Lesson 7. La_A Major, 3 #s, sharps.
Lesson 8. fa#_f# minor, 3 #s, sharps.

Lesson 9. Mi_E Major, 4 #s, sharps.
Lesson 10. do#_c# minor, 4 #s, sharps.

Lesson 11. Si_B Major, 5 #s, sharps.
Lesson 12. sol#_g# minor, 5 #s, sharps.

Lesson 13. Fa#_F# Major, 6 #s, sharps.
Lesson 14. re#_d# minor, 6 #s, sharps.

Lesson 15. Do#_C# Major, 7 #s, sharps.
Lesson 16. la#_a# minor, 7 #s, sharps.

Lesson 17. Do_C Major, WITHOUT names of notes written underneath.
Lesson 18. la_a minor, WITHOUT names of notes written underneath.

Lesson 19. Fa_F Major, 1 b, flat.
Lesson 20. re_d minor, 1 b, flat.

Lesson 21. Sib_Bb Major, 2 bs, flats.
Lesson 22. sol_g minor, 2 bs, flats.

Lesson 23. Mib_Eb Major, 3 bs, flats.
Lesson 24. do_c# minor, 3 bs, flats.

Lesson 25. Lab_Ab Major, 4 bs, flats.
Lesson 26. fa_f minor, 4 bs, flats.

Lesson 27. Reb_Db Major, 5 bs, flats.
Lesson 28. sib_bb minor, 5 bs, flats.

Lesson 29. Solb_Gb Major, 6 bs, flats.
Lesson 30. mib_eb minor, 6 bs, flats.

Lesson 31. Dob_Cb Major, 7 bs, flats.
Lesson 32. lab_a# minor, 7 bs, flats.

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