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This Will Happen To You 100% When Learning Singing – MEV Experience

Here’s something that has happened to me again and again while learning singing. Perhaps it is not universal and some people can avoid but from my own and other singers experience I know this is very very likely to happen.

It’s to do with setting goals and achieving them. Goals are necessary and the feeling once you’ve achieved them is amazing. Only drawback is that after celebrating hitting the goal you can actually take a step back.
Primarily I’ve found this to be due to the hubris, confidence and feeling that what you worked on is completely part of you as you have now tasted it. This applies to mastering any skill where you ultimately want to do it instinctively. Thus there is this desire to go and neglect the things what you have consciously worked on. Desire to do that is especially strong once you have achieved that goal you have been working hard at.

Key takeaway from here is CONSISTENCY. Hitting that one note or singing a song without any mistakes once is not enough. For these to be automatic and be part of your singing by default takes doing them consistently. I’ve experienced this in many areas of my singing but nevertheless you’ve got to be very mindful and not take what you’ve learned for granted. I wanna get this point home to myself as much as to you. Now I’ll sure celebrate those good days when I hit that goal but even more If I hit it consistently over a longer period.

Hope you found this video useful.

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