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Three Ladybugs | Sing And Play Craft | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

A fun and simple craft for kids. Sing and play as you count the ladybugs! Download this craft and more on our website here:

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Three Ladybugs Lyrics:

Three ladybugs sitting on a pineapple,
one flew away.
See you later.

Two ladybugs sitting on a pineapple,
one flew away.

One ladybug sitting on a pineapple,
one flew away.
Take care.

No ladybugs sitting on a pineapple.

No ladybugs sitting on a pineapple,
one came back.
Hello again.

One ladybug sitting on a pineapple,
one came back.

Two ladybugs sitting on a pineapple,
one came back.
Long time no see.

Three ladybugs sitting on a pineapple.

Why are we sitting on a pineapple?
I don’t know.

Copyright Maple Leaf Learning

Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse is an educational channel for kids to learn with simple crafts, coloring sheets, songs, toys and games for children! Great for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children.

All of our songs, games and activities are developed and tested in-house by experienced teachers at our well-established language school in Japan. Kids learn best when they don’t realize that they’re learning. Our materials are often inspired by natural play and interaction in the classroom.

Our unique style of blending physical elements (realia) into songs will get even the most shy, unwilling children hooked, participating and singing along. With a big scoop of fun and a sprinkle of silly, we make learning incredibly fun. So, you’re sure to have instant hits that children will ask for again and again.

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