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Vocal Lessons – How To Learn Singing At Home

— Vocal Lessons – How To Learn Singing At Home.

To be a good singer a person has to have good techniques as well as a good emotional grasp of the song. To improve his singing skill, one should best take vocal lessons. Aside from learning at institutions, it is possible to have your own vocal lesson at home and be your own singing coach. This is what you must do:

1. Warm up
Warming up is important before you start every practice. Start with a five-note scale of do-re-mi-fa-so for five minutes with a lower or a higher half step each time. Avoid getting adding tension while hitting higher notes.

2. Perfect your posture
Stand up or sit up straight before starting the exercise. This will give your lungs better air capacity. Place your hands on your hips, inhale, and feel towards your abdomen. Let go of a large amount of air through your mouth and feel the change in your lower abdomen. This trick is good for exercising your diaphragm.

3. Find more help
To start exercising with your preferred style, find video tutorials on YouTube, Fliiby, or other video streaming sites. On these sites, you can find many tutorials for training vocal abilities with classic, metal, pop, or any other styles. You can also obtain these in the form of CD or DVD tutorials.

4. Play games
If you worry about not hitting the pitches accurately, you can have fun and improve your singing skill by playing games like Rock Band or the Pro Mode of Disney’s Sing It. Besides giving DIY lessons, these games also allow you practice singing with music. The score given at the end of every session shows the accuracy of your singing pitch.

5. Protect your asset
Healthy vocal chords is the best asset for a singer, you can protect it by doing these:
– Keep your throat warm with a scarf
– Avoid clearing your throat as it slams your vocal chords
– Eliminate excess mucus by drinking warm drinks and lemonade
– Gulp a teaspoon of olive oil before a gig
– Avoid drinking milk, very hot beverages, or very cold water before a gig
– Stop smoking

6. More helpful tips
Not everyone can practice improving his singing skill by himself. While technique can easily be improved, a true amateur might need more than video tutorials. Try to get professional coaching if you encounter these:
– You feel strain or pain while singing
– You tend to get fatigue after singing
– No significant improvement after six months to a year of DIY training
– You have vocal problems (e.g., you cannot hit the right tone or your notes sound airy)

If you have an attractive voice, have a thrill and decided you want to learn singing and do not know how. Stop worrying now because I am giving you ten tips which you can use to help you to do it at home.

To learn singing, search for a good teacher. Who is good at teaching singing. Do not copy his voice but rather creates your own style. You can create your own styles by looking a lot and using your own singing techniques.

Learn singing is easy, forget about ice creams, cold drinks and drinking water after eating an oily food because it will tighten your vocal cords. Try to drink semi-warm water. While learning singing, you have to practice for a long time.

Avoid using any drug or smoking because they will burn your vocal cords. While learning singing, keep away from air conditioners because they will make your throat dry. Do not start singing and dancing at the same time because it will make you exhaust very soon.

Major rule is to avoid eating diary products because they will destroy your throat. Chew a candy or mint at times as it will keep your throat moist. If you want to learn singing then try to learn the language of song then you would be able to enjoy it fully. Train your ears for music exercises by playing them many times.

If you are going to do solo performance then do something different. Keep your tongue below your teeth and avoid more movement because movement will effect the sound, you are trying to produce. It is the best rule for learn singing.

Before performance, clear your throat with warm water mix with baking soda and salt. Stay with your range of song and pitch.

Try to start your performance with small popular hit songs, whether classic or pop, then show your effort in front of gathering. Give variety of songs to the public.It’s a key to learn singing is to be confident because you can never satisfy entire audience. Therefore, stay cool and move forward, do not think about any one.

For learning singing, you do not have to spend a lot of money but if you have a passion, you can learn it by only hearing your favorite singers carefully. You can take on line classes from singing instructors. Try to search a person around you, who is an expert of singing and then show your singing abilities in front of him. Remember one thing that start singing whenever you find time because it will take more air into your lungs.

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