Music Marketing Manifesto Review – Marketing Your Music Online $97

Music Marketing Manifesto Review – Marketing Your Music Online

  • Stick It To The Record Companies
  • Get Your Music Heard
  • Make Decent Money
  • Get Fans Internationally
  • Build A Real Music Career

I first found out about John Oszajca and his Music Marketing Manifesto through my buddy Aaron Anastasi, who created the Superior Singing Method course. Simply put, Music Marketing Manifesto teaches musicians how to sell their music online, stick it to the record companies and make a lot of money and fans all over the world using the power of the internet.

john oszajca

After going through the course, I connected with John on Facebook, and despite the fact that he’s a legit rockstar who’s had record deals with 3 major labels, has toured with some of the hottest acts around like Jewel, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and others, and is generally a very busy person, he graciously took the time to answer a music marketing question I had.

music marketing manifesto review
music marketing manifesto

Bear in mind that John has HUNDREDS of active members in Music Marketing Manifesto who all ask him questions in the course and outside of it, and the fact that John took the time to personally respond to me in less than a day says a LOT about his level of sincerity in helping musicians actually make some cash with their art using the net. What’s even crazier is that inside MMM, some modules have HUNDREDS of comments, almost all of which John has replied to in a thorough manner.

But before I reveal what I discovered in John’s course, let me caution you about one thing, which you’ve probably already figured out: this course is NOT for everybody; it’s for serious musicians and artists who want to make a good, honest living selling their music using the internet.  If you’re one of those musicians who’s convinced yourself that you don’t care about money so long as you get to do music for a living, keep reading, because as you’ll see, you can do make music AND make a lot of money, without selling your soul to a record company in the process.

I mean let’s face it, the recording industry is dead.  Trying to get a record deal with one of the major labels is pretty much the dumbest, most unreliable way to try to make a stable career as a musician.  Sure, sometimes you get a Lady Gaga or a Justin Beiber who comes along and becomes a rock star overnight, but think about the tens of thousands of musicians who spend YEARS trying to get signed to a major label and never get anywhere.  And of those that DO get signed, only a teeny-tiny percentage ever break into the mainstream and make a decent income from it.  It’s like playing the lottery.

And guess what happened to John Oszajca….yup, he got one of the biggest recording deals in history and then when his records didn’t sell as well as the record company expected, they dropped him like a bad habit. Now is that any way to treat an artist you’re working with?  Hell, no!  And it’s definitely no way for a musician to go through life – full of uncertainty and anxiety that if your CD doesn’t sell, you’ll wind up broke and waiting tables or bartending to pay the bills (been there, done that…twice!)

So if you love music, you want to make music for a living, and you also want to make a good income from it so that you can live comfortably and not have to eat Ramen noodles for dinner most nights, how do you do it without getting a recording contract?

Well, after John got dropped from his label (his THIRD bad experience with the record companies), he decided to take his music career into his own hands, and began developing a system for marketing his music online through his own website (, plus other websites like

He got so good at marketing online, that John made over $800,000 in one year!

john oszajca music marketing manifesto earnings

The way it works is really simple: 


1.  You make a website for your band (or yourself, if you’re a solo musician)

2.  You get traffic to your website (John shows you how to do that)

3.  You sell your music to your visitors! (John shows you how to do that, too)


It’s a simple model that definitely works, and the REASON it works so well is because when somebody comes to your site, you offer them a FREE track from your CD, and all they have to do is enter their name and email to get the track.

Now that you have their email, you can begin offering value and building a relationship with this person, and once they trust you and like you, you can tell them something like “Hey, since you’re on my mailing list, I want to give you a special deal on my album.  For the next 3 days only, you can get my entire CD, plus 2 bonus tracks that aren’t available anywhere else, for 30% off the full price.  Pick up your copy now before it goes back to the full price!”  You don’t have to use those exact words, but if this person already digs your music, and you give them a good reason to purchase your entire album, a lot of times they’ll buy it – especially if you learn how to use the “Sales Triggers” that John shows you in MMM.

This simple process is called email marketing and it’s what Music Marketing Manifesto is all about.  By the way, have you noticed that I do email marketing on THIS site?  If you look at the top right part of the page, I offer a free ebook on how to sing in exchange for your name and email address.  Then I build a relationship with you, send you valuable singing advice, and occasionally I recommend a singing course or product that I really believe in and that will help your singing, and if you purchase it, I make a commission on the sale.  Is this beginning to make sense?

I’m going to reveal something personal to you now that only my closest friends family have ever heard me say: being a professional musician SUCKS! When I lived in Florida, I was an assistant music director at a big local church, taught voice lessons in 3 separate studios on opposite ends of town and barely made enough to scrape by.

Me hitchhiking through the USA on my way to California


As you can see in the pic of me on I-95 on the Florida-Georgia border, the lack of money and free time made me start to hate music to the point where I quit headed towards California. I started doing online marketing (what John teaches) and I’m close to making a full time income from it. What’s my point? I now have the freedom to play music on my own terms. Nobody tells me I have to learn a piece that bores the crap out of me, and if you’re the same way, I strongly suggest you at least go watch John’s Free Video (you’ll need to opt-in) where he explains the basic model of making money online with your music without losing your passion in the process.

Obviously, I can’t give away John’s whole strategy, but I am allowed to give you a small taste of what to expect from Music Marketing Manifesto:

The entire course is ONLINE, so you just go to the website, log in and you’ll be taken to a special member’s area where you have access to all of the course materials right there on the website.

There are 8 modules plus a bonus module, that cover everything from setting up your website to using Facebook and Twitter to promote your music, and even automating your album sales using email marketing tools like Aweber.  Imagine waking up and checking your email and finding out you sold 5 CDs at $20 a pop while you were sleeping…that’s a 100 bucks you made for catching some Z’s…

This course also assumes that you already have an album recorded, or are in the process of recording one, and focuses on helping you with the marketing side of things.  In other words, you’re learning how to build a profitable, online business around your art.  It’s really cool stuff, and something that musicians couldn’t do 10 years ago, but now with the internet you have a way to make a great career with music online.

I can tell you from personal experience (going on 2 years now) that internet marketing is a lot of hard work, but if you follow John’s advice, you can:

  • Work from anywhere in the world with a WIFI connection, so if you want to go live in Japan or Paris for a while, you can still do what you love
  • Make money while you sleep with the help of tools that automate your business
  • Attract fans who love your music in countries all around the WORLD through the power of the internet and connect with them instantly.  Close your eyes and imagine how you would feel if you woke up one day and went online, only to find out that your music has gotten super-popular in Korea for some reason.  Random, right?  But that’s the awesome power of the internet!
  • Unlimited income potential.  YOU control how much you can earn from your music, not a giant record company that doesn’t give a damn about you.

Even though I created this site to review singing courses, I feel very strongly that what John teaches in MMM gives musicians the tools to take control of their music careers, and we singers need to know this stuff! What John gives you is a one-on-one, world-class music marketing education.

If you love making music more than anything, and you’re ready to build a thriving music career, hop on over to John’s site and check out what he has to say.

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